Boeing B747-200F
Manufacturer: Model: Registration Number: Registration:
Boeing B747-222B (SF) EX-47001 Kyrgyz Republic
Operational Data
Max Taxi Weight: Maximum Takeoff Weight: Maximum Landing Weight: Maximum Zero Fuel Weight: Fuel Capacity: Basic Empty Weight:
836 000 lb 833 000 lb 630 000 lb 590 000 lb 34 635 US Gal 342 800 lb
379 142 kg 377 842 kg 285 762 kg 267 619 kg 131 107 L 155 142 kg
General Dimensions
Cargo doors clear openings (W x H)
Door location: MM: IN:
Main Deck Side Cargo: 3,410 x 3,050 134 x 119
FWD / AFT Lower Deck 2,640 x 1,680 104 x 66
Bulk cargo 1,220 x 1,190 44 x 47
Cargo Configuration
Main Deck Contours for ULD Size Codes A and M
Main Deck Contours for size codes R and G pallets

Note: For Size Code G and size code R pallets higher than 96 inches, the forward and inboard profile restrictions (bevels) prevent contact with the aircraft sidewall during cargo loading.

Cross Section
Main deck ULD Configurations
Boeing 747-200sf main cargo deck configurations
Configuration: ULD Qty: ULD size: ULD Layout:
P 29 125” x 96” side by side
C 33 125” x 88” side by side
Oversized pallets

Long pallets may be accommondated in the Boeing 29 pallet configuration. These pallets may be placed in any adjoining main deck positions (fore-aft) on either the right or left side of the airplane. Usually these pallets are placed on the right side of the airplane due to loading convenience.

Lower Hold Cargo Arrangements
Main deck ULD Configurations
Lower Hold Capability Containers and Pallets
Lower Deck Contours for ULD size codes “K” and “N”
Lower Deck Contours for ULD Size Codes A, M and L
Payload range